Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I take part in the “Fly Free with Sky Broadband” promotion?
To take part in the promotion you simply need to subscribe any new Broadband offer without Sky TV from among those included in the initiative between 06/07/2018 and 19/07/2018 on Sky Broadband website. The voucher containing your registration code valid to redeem your prize will be posted to your address within three weeks of your order has been placed.
How many Registration codes am I entitled to receive?
You are entitled to receive 1 Registration code for each activated brodband offer. The Registration code will be delivered directly to your home 3 weeks after your order. You can receive a maximum of 1 Registration codes for each purchase. The Registration codes cannot be combined.
What is a Registration code?
A Registration code is a 13 alphanumeric characters code printed on a paper voucher containing all the instructions for the registration of it and it allows you to request a valid Booking code to get a free return flight for one person departing from the UK to a European city (no domestic flights) from all the destinations available on the dedicated website. The maximum commercial value of the available flights to be book through the Booking code for one person is £100.
How can I request my Booking code?
Check the voucher delivered to you by Sky Broadband to reveal the Registration code. Go to the website and register by entering the Registration code and required information. Check your inbox, you’ll find an email with the valid Booking code to get a free return flight in Europe.
When will I be able to enter the Registration code?
Registration will be open from midnight on 06/07/2018 until 11:59 p.m. on 31/08/2018 by going to the website.
I cannot register the Registration code, what can I do?
  • Check that the Registration code you entered consists of 13 alphanumeric characters;
  • Check that there are no blank spaces before or after the Registration code;
  • Please make sure you don’t confuse the letter “O” with the number “0”;
  • Check that you have not already registered it. Check your inbox and junk folder to see if you have received the email with the booking code;
  • Check that the deadline for registration has not passed;
  • Check that you have correctly entered all the information requested in the form.
I have more than one Registration code. Can I request a single Booking code for more people?
No, you can only enter one Registration code each time. If you want to travel with a friend, you can choose the option to purchase a return flight booking code for two people during the registration process. The return flight booking code for two people has a fixed cost of £89 and entitles you to receive a two-passenger flight booking code to fly from the UK throughout Europe on flights costing up to a maximum of £200.
How can I complete the purchase of the Booking code for two people?
When the registration of your Registration code is confirmed, you will be given the option to continue with the Booking code for one passenger or to purchase the Booking code for two for £89. If you choose the option for two passengers, you will be asked to complete the payment with one of the payment methods available to you: Paypal or Credit/Debit Card. Select your preferred payment method, enter the required information and confirm the purchase. Once the purchase is confirmed, you will receive the valid booking code to book a UK-Europe return flight for two people (no domestic flights) at the email address provided during registration.
The Booking code: what is it, where do I find it and how do I use it?
The Booking code is a 16-digit code and is sent to the email address you provided during registration. You will find the instructions to use it in the confirmation email from
I confirmed the registration but I haven’t received yet the Booking code confirmation email. What can I do?
  • Remember to check your inbox at the email address you used during registration;
  • Also check your junk mail folder or make sure your inbox is not full;
  • Try to register your Registration code again, if you receive an error message it means you have already registered it;
  • Contact us at stating your registration code, the email address used and a telephone number. One of our agents will check the status of your registration and help you solve the problem.
Can I book a flight for a minor with my Booking code?

It is not possible to book a flight for a minor with a booking code. Minors can only fly with an adult. ONLY if you have a valid Booking code for a free flight for 2 people, then one of the two passengers can be a minor.

For any additional information please check the page with full instructions about it here.

How are possible cancellations of my flight handled? Can I request a cancellation?
Flights booked through the promotional Booking code cannot be cancelled. If the flight is cancelled by the airline or you are notified of a schedule change that you do not wish to accept, you will receive a new booking code with which to choose a new free flight with the same conditions. Please find more information here.
Can I make changes to the flight I booked with my promotional Booking code? How can I do that?
Yes, you can make changes to the booking if it is allowed by the fare rules of the airline from which the ticket was issued. The cost of the flight change is charged to you. The changes allowed are: change of passenger name, change of route, change of date, addition of luggage. To check the feasibility of the desired change check the page here or contact  the line 0800 056 7400 (24/7 Freephone number).
I cannot find available flights that fit with my travel needs, what can I do?
The flights you can get for free, thanks to your promotional Booking code, are all available on the dedicated website. It is not possible to book other flights. Flight availability changes constantly and is continuously updated according to the offers provided by the different airlines. Try again in the next few days to find the flight that suits you or try to change the departure airport and the travel dates selected during the search phase. To have the most flights to choose from, try to book your flight as soon as possible.
What is the expiry date of the Booking code?
The Booking code can be used until 31/12/2018 to book the flight. The actual departure date may be later, based on the available flights on the dedicated website. Check the actual expiry date on the booking code delivery email from
When is the best time to book a free flight?
Right away, you will have a greater choice of flights! Given the large number of people taking part in the promotion, those who book first can choose from a greater number of flights.
I have two Registration codes, can I request a single Booking code for two people?
No, each Registration code allows only one registration to receive a free flight Booking code. You can register two Registration codes only separately, confirming 2 different registrations.
Which flights can I book with my Booking code?
Using the 16-digit Booking code you can book your free return flight, with taxes included, departing from UK airports to any of the European cities available. You cannot book a domestic flight (departing from UK to a UK destination). The available flights are those on the dedicated booking site and are constantly changing. Check out the available flights for one person at and for two people at
Which flights are available on the dedicated booking site?
Flights available on the dedicated booking site have a maximum commercial value of £100 for one passenger and £200 for two people. The flights will be the same, in terms of type of offer, availability, services, costs and charges applied, as those normally offered in the same period by accessing the site directly, not re-directed from other sites, (subject to any temporary technical errors or specific financial terms and conditions applicable to promotions, such as specific payment methods) or by initiatives other than the Promotion and applied directly by the site or by other partner sites for all users.
After I chose the flight I wanted, I received an error on page that it was no longer possible to book the selected flight, what happened?
The flight can no longer be booked using the Booking code, the seats on the flight are sold out or the maximum commercial value of the flight selected is higher than the maximum commercial value of the Booking code. Don't worry, try to look for a new flight among all those available.
I am entering the Booking code in the booking page but I can’t book the flight
  • Check that you are on the correct booking site, for one person and for two people, based on the booking code that you have; 
  • Check that the booking code entered is made up of 16 digits;
  • Check that you have clicked on the “Apply” button;
  • Check the expiry date of the booking code on the delivery email;
  • Check that there are no blank spaces before or after the booking code;
  • Check that you are using the email address associated with the booking code, you will find it in the delivery email.
Can the Booking code be transferred, sold or converted?
It is possible to transfer the Booking code received by Sky Broadband to other people, but only before registration. Once registered, you will receive a booking code that will be linked to your email address and can no longer be transferred. The Booking code cannot under any circumstances be sold, redeemed for cash or converted into a service other than that for which it is valid.
Any additional questions?
If you did not find the answer you were looking for, call us at 0203 499 8173 (National landline, Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM).